Ferris Wheel, Tempozan Harbour Village, Osaka Bay (8) by Vintage LuluIf that does not work… The process for retrieving files from a phone in your situation is still possible. However the only place it has been documented is for law enforcement or forensics. The author of the iPhone forensics material generally only makes the tools available to legitimate law enforcement. You can buy an (older) version of the forensics book from O’Reilly but it is not yet updated to work with 3.1.2 I don’t think. The dev team and other iPhone jailbreak tool makers can also do this, but it is a very manual process requiring a significant amount of iPhone hacking skill and they have not documented it anywhere. So you are pretty much out of luck.
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Video: Soundgarden – Black Rain

Black Rain ….Replica prop collection….The Plates.

I’ve got a couple of things to start on a little project… eventually. The fairings are NOS Tracy "Black Rain" and the pipes are the same style Kerkers used on the screen bike(I borrowed the pic, but I have a set in my garage). Tracy also made the XLCR style body kit, it was called the "Thunder" Sportster kit. Still haven’t found one but there are several companies that make XLCR style kits. I’d like to have an original XLCR tank as the lines are a little more crisp than the lines on the fiberglass repros. I’ll probably build it on an XL1200S so it won’t be accurate anyway, but the proper fairing and pipes really stand out on this one. They talk about how the movie wasn’t that well received in Japan, but there are a ton of "more Black Rain than proper XLCR" style cafe sportsters in Japan. I found an all custom aluminum body, tank, fender, and fairing a while back and the fairing was a straight up Tracy clone, just in aluminum. Beautiful, but four grand.
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.: Blackrain in London 2012

The trip to London was really great. Me and Charlotte stayed at a Bed & Breakfast which was located right in the middle of Piccadilly Circus and all it’s beautiful buildings! Charlotte’s friend Lulu also stayed at the same B&B. She and Charlotte are both Swedes but ran around and trashed London in the 90′s with all of their friends. It was one of the best things about this trip, that I got to meet all of her friends who are in their forties now. They entertained me for hours and hours about all the mischeivous things they did in the good old days. It was awesome! On our first night we talked to the guys in Blackrain who were also on their way to London. And so we decided to meet up at a small bar called Garlic & Shots. My favourite French sisters Nat and Allie also joined a bit later. We honestly didn’t think we would do anything special this evening than to just catch up, but pretty much everyone walked out of there pretty damn wasted. We turned that tiny little place into a freaking rock show!! The bartender (a Swedish girl funny enough) played Blackrain’s music out loud and we all sang along. New guests that were coming in stopped and looked at us in shock before slowly making their way inside, haha. They probably weren’t used to seeing their local bar being turned upside down. Despite having such a good time we ended up going home quite early. And Lord knows I want to see the video that the guys shot of Swan on their way back to the hotel. He was sooo wasted and couldn’t remember anything of our party the next day :P Personally I’ll never forget Swan’s excellent performance of this Swedish classic, hahaha….
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Corrupted Delights: Black Rain

 Η ιστορια εχει ως εξης: oι Black Rain αναλαμβανουν τη μουσικη επενδυση του Johnny Mnemonic, o σκηνοθετης  απ’ ολους τους ηθοποιους αυτου του πλανητη δινει το πρωταγωνιστικο στο Keanu Reeves, το soundtrack απορριπτεται, το group παυει τις δραστηριοτητες του μεχρι να επανελθει στη ζωη απο το προσφατο ενδιαφερον των ακροατων για οτιδηποτε Cut Hands, Vatican Shadow και Regis. 
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Hot Sly’s blog: Blackrain

Last year I met Dany Terbeche (Enfer Magazine) who asked me to make a re-arrangement of “My baby shot me down” of the band he manages, Blackrain. How could I miss an oportunity to participate in a rock project? So I made this version of the song mainly with Swan and I must say it was a thrill to work with such talented artists! Special thanks for Max2 chorus. Here is a little “lethal dose of…”
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Blackrain Jailbreak 4.1, 4.2.1, 4.3, 4.3.1, 4.3.2, 4.3.3, 4.3.4, 4.3.5 5.0.1

Initially, the software worked only for windows, but there have been a lot of changes. Jailbreaking your phone with Blackra1n jailbreak is not all that hard as many people would think. Especially of you use the iDevices that are popularly known as iOS, you could easily do this. Many could wonder how this happens, but the program makes use of a universal serial bus code for iDevices when they are placed in a device firmware upgrade position.
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HardrockHaven.net > LIVE!

Propulsive riffs, instant-grip melodies, roiling grooves, and a piercingly high, gritty vocals of singer Swan is what hits you first when you hear BlackRain live. Add to this the band’s exuberant – but still elegantly thought-through visual image – and you will understand why the London crowd welcomed BlackRain with open arms. Non-existent promotional effort was to blame for a rather modest turnout on the night, but everyone who did turn up was scrambling for space in front of the stage already by the middle of the first song.
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