Hi, I have read lots of stuff on the web before I started to try to unlock my iPhone 3G. I was already very comfortable with jailbreaking ipod touch and iphones so I thought it would not be that hard to unlock the phone. The iPhone 3G is running version 4.2.1, I jailbreaked using RedSn0w, (I upgraded my baseband to 6.15.00 and installed Cydia). Then, I installed ultrasn0w and restarted. No matter how many reboots I do, how many times I put my SIM card in and out or if I enable or disable 3G and or Roaming Data, it doesn’t work… I always get "No Service" + sometimes the following message pops: "Your Selected Cellular netowrk is no longer available. You can choose a different network in Settings." I’m just so desperate now, I don’t know what to do. I live in Canada, and I’m trying to unlock my Rogers iPhone for it to work with my previous Android (Bell Mobility) SIM card. Any help would be greatly appreciated…I have been trying to fix this for almost 2 weeks now, I’m starting to lose hope Thank you
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Video: How To Unlock iPhone 3Gs/3G 4.2.1/4.1 Using Ultrasn0w – Windows Version 5.14.02 & 5.15.04

How to Unlock iPhone 3Gs 4.2.1 and Jailbreak 05.15 Baseband?

In this article, I will explain everything about jailbreaking your iPhone. Why you should do it, the various tools available to jailbreak your iPhone, and how you should do it. http://www.macpassword.com/how-to-jailbreaking-iphone.html
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iPhone 3G Baseband 6.15.00 Redsn0w unlocked 4.2.1 Jailbreak and Activated, No Service

As above Iphone 3G Jailbroke with redsn0w Activated with SAM Software 4.2.1 Baseband 6.15.00 I have done everything I can possibly find to get this working and still it says No Service. Followed many of the threads on here and all sorts. Basically Factory reset the phone so its as standard Used redsn0w to jailbreak 4.2.1 Installed ipad baseband Unlocked with ultrasn0w 1.2.4 I’ve attempted downgrading baseband, still didn’t work. I’ve rejailbroke numerous times. Also tried turning 3G off, airplane mode on and off etc….. Please Help this is really frustrating me I should mention I have rebuilt this phone as the digitzer and plastics were cracked. Thanks, Mike
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Learn How To Easily Unlock Iphone 3g 4.2.1

[...] The lifetime membership comes free with the software purchase which is usually not the case with other jailbreak softwares; you usually have to pay an additional premium for the lifetime membership. Along with the purchase of the unlock iphone firmware software, you will be able to get the free jailbreak options for your gadget. The regular updates of the unlock iphone software is required to ensure that that the iphone always remains unlocked after many firmware upgrades. The unlock firmware software also many different tools in it such as unlock iphone 3g 4.2.1 redsnow and unlock iphone 3g 4.2.1 ultrasnow. There are many benefits available with the use of the unlock iphone software. The most important benefit is that you will have the freedom to select the network provider for your mobile phone. It prompts you the legal support and jailbreaking or Unlocking are not at all considered as serious issues for users; you always have the option of un-doing any changes so that your warranty is not voided. Finally, with the free download application features of the unlock iphone 3g 4.2.1 firmware software you will be able to make your iphone more valuable. As always, you can find out more by visiting: How to Safely Unlock iPhone 3GsSource: unlock-iphone-3gs.org [...]
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Unlocking iphone 3gs 4.2.1 baseband 5.15.04

First and foremost, please search through the forum — this question is asked at least once a day and the answer is always the same. 1) The iPhone 3GS on 05.15.04 cannot be unlocked because the 05.15.04 baseband is not unlockable yet. 2) You *CAN* use the "Last Ditch" iPad Baseband hack and upgrade your iPhone’s baseband to the 06.15.00 baseband, but if you’re running iOS 4.2.1, you’ll have some problems with GPS and WiFi, and once you do it, you can *never* restore a stock firmware to your phone again and you can *never* restore it to a ‘non-jailbroken, non-unlocked, factory-original’ state, which means that anyone at the Apple store will know you’ve jailbroken and unlocked, and your warranty will be nullified. If you haven’t figured out by the tone, this is *NOT* a recommended method. This can cause many problems that cannot be easily resolved. Once you upgrade to this baseband YOU CAN NOT GO BACK and you will have to accept any problems that occur until such time as a baseband revision higher than 06.15 is released for the iPhone (which will likely be a long time, if ever). If you absolutely need an unlock, it’s possible to do, but unless it is life or death, you’d do well to hang out for just a minute until the next set of tools and unlocks are released… The upgrade to the iPad baseband is very hacky and will continue to cause you problems for many many months in the future….
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iPhone 3G IOS 4.2.1 BaseBand 05.15.04 Unlock

KnowledgeHouse: 1) Don’t threadjack, your post has nothing to do with the original post. This is considered rude. 2) It’s impossible for anyone to give you help if you provide absolutely no information in your post. If you want help, we’ll need to know what version of iOS you are running on your phone and what baseband revision you have at bare minimum. It will also be helpful for us to know what carrier your phone is locked to and what carrier you intend to use the phone on, though we can likely assist without knowing that. Not trying to be a jerk but please help us help you — we can’t do anything with ‘Trying to do x/y/z, can you help’. Let us know what you’ve already tried, what the outcome of any previous attempts are (or just say you haven’t tried yet, if you haven’t), etc. What you did is like calling your doctor on the phone and saying ‘I don’t think I’m well’ and expecting him to know what the problem is, based on that single sentence. Just doesn’t work.
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iPhone 3G IOS 4.2.1 BaseBand 05.15.04 Unlock

Hi, Am Ram I have problem with my iPhone 3G. By mistake my iPhone was restored with firmware IOS 4.2.1 and baseband was upgraded to 5.15.04. My iPhone was activated over ITunes and working fine. My problem is I want to installe Cydia. I used redsnow/snowbreeze and installed cydia. But if I install Cydia (custom firmware) using snowbreeze my network was not working. I tried to install ultrasnow but no help. I have seen posts for solution, i can upgrade baseband 6.15. but there are some issues with GPS will not work and all. My question is why should i upgrage my based band to 6.15, because my phone is activate and working fine with base band 5.15.04 . My only problem is if i build ipsw using redsnow/snowbreeze and restore using Itunes. network is not working. Please help on installing cydia with out network problem
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