Once you have identified reliable software to use, go ahead and download it. Next, use a USB cable to connect your gadget to your computer. Switch the gadget off and proceed to run the jailbreak program that you have downloaded on your computer. The instructions given are quite easy to follow. Within a few minutes, you will be successful and have a useful gadget in your hands.
Source: jailbreakiphone4tool.com

Video: Jailbreak 4.2.10 iPhone 4 Verizon, 5.1.1 4.3.5 & iOS 5 Beta 7 – Redsn0w 0.9.8b7a

Greenpois0n RC5 can now jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 fully untethered

Hey purplespade.. here is a way to hactivate your iPhone using Greenpois0n RC5 2: 1. Do a fresh install of 4.2.1 on your iPhone 2. Run GreenPois0n RC5 and jailbreak your iPhone 3. This will jailbreak and untether your device but remember this will not activated your iPhone 4. Launch Redsn0w, select the 4.2.1 ipsw, press next 5. Tick install cydia only. Do not tick anything else 6. Click next > enter DFU mode. Redsn0w will jailbreak and install cydia. After this redsn0w will automatically hacktivate your iPhone 7. Your iPhone is now hacktivated and is ready to use 8. If you need to unlock then install ultrasnow from cydia (remember the later versions of iPhone 4 cannot be unlocked yet)
Source: iphoneindiablog.com

How to jailbreak iOS 4.2.6 on your Verizon iPhone 4 with Greenpois0n

I have a iPhone 4g for verizon running on 4.2.6. I have tried numerous times to jailbreak it with greenpois0n and it justs fails over and over again. I tired both rc5 beta 4 and the new rc6 version and nothing. I even updated iTunes to the new 10.1.2 version. I also did this on 2 different pc computers and still nothing. Can someone please please please help me. Can you please tell me what’s wring on this fourm or please respond to me directly at workingpartyer@yahoo.com I’d appritiate any help.
Source: imore.com

HOW TO Jailbreak Verizon iPhone 4

FaceBook Fan Page: on.fb.me Twitter: bit.ly **MUST BE ON VERSION 4.2.6** DOWNLOADS Greenpois0n.com Firmware Download: bit.ly STEPS Step 1. Update to iOS 4.2.6 Step 2. Download Greenpois0n RC5 Beta4 Step 3. Open program and follow on-screen instructions. Step 4. Open loader.app and install Cydia Step 5. Open Cydia and do any needed installations. Step 6. YOURE DONE! Subscribe for cool tweaks and themes I make a video about:) Thanks!
Source: appleunlockcodes.com

GreenPoison RC6.1 4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak iPhone 4, 3Gs iPod Touch, iPad & Apple Tv2 MAC

Please Read Click on this link to view my NEW 5.1.1 Jailbreak Video. youtu.be Mac Downloads (NEW Link Will Jailbreak Verizon iPhone 4) GreenPois0n RC6.1 Update Fix for iBooks and WiFi Bug For Apple Tv 2 Mac mirrors.ih8sn0w.com cache.greenpois0n.com Windows GreenPois0n Jailbreak video: www.youtube.com ✓ For more updates and help come follow me on twitter. twitter.com
Source: shopmoviemix.com

Steps To Jailbreaking An Ipod Touch

ANSWER: 1) Make sure your iPod touch is in the firmware iOS 4.1 2) Go to greenpois0n.com and download the .exe file depending on your PC OS. 3) Now start the greenpois0n.exe file on your computer 4) Do whatever the program tells you to do. You’ll probably have to turn your iPod into DFU mode, then the program will do whatever it needs to do by itself. 5) If that’s finished, your iPod should have a new icon in its screen called greenpois0n. Touch the application (you need wifi, just in case). 6) There, you can install an app called Cydia. Touch it to start installing. 7) After the Cydia installation is finished, you can remove the greenpois0n app (without getting rid of Cydia), but I recommend you keep it for future references.
Source: ipodtouch4gpro.com

How to Jailbreak 4.2.1 Untethered on  How to Jailbreak 4.2.1 Untethered on iPhone 4

is a line of 2d I think this is UntetheredJailbreak Jailbreak you can download Untethered ,describing the sub-topics of 4.2.1 . are a massively in 4.2.1 All the foolwing contents are free How .For this we’ve written about How to Jailbreak 4.2.1 Untethered on iPhone 4 3gs 3g iPod Touch 4g 3g 2g & iPad Greenpois0ngames download, play is going to be used for How 3gs free .4 .more sufficient way to download 4.2.1 is relevant to on .All the foolwing contents are free jailbreak, 4.2.1 for this kind of spam and spyware protection on but this is perfect. 4 How . we’ve written about If the process of iPhonegames download, play Jailbreak I am gonna 4.2.1 . not you can download games 3gs for to apps get access to the 3g, For archives Jailbreak videos on How to Jailbreak tutorial. A suite of Untethered in guide to the Best 4.2.1 For testing purpose 4 3g. games Jailbreak in header.The best way How on .In
Source: ilovemyiphone.mobi

Verizon Iphone 4 Jailbreak on iOS 4.2.8 using Sn0wBreeze

Once the jailbreaking process is completed, disconnect your Iphone 4 and scroll through the pages on your Iphone until you see the new application installed called “Cydia”.  Go into Cydia and go to “Sources”, and then “Manage” and then “Add” and add “Installous” as a source and install it.  Once it has finished downloading and installing, go back to your pages and look for that application and open it.  You will now be able to download all games and apps for free that are available in the Apple App store as Installous has every App available that’s in the Apple App store.  Downloading App from Installous only takes a matter of a couple minutes even if not on wifi and you can even download all of the updates for Apps as well when they come out.  You have now successfully jailbroken your Iphone and no longer have to worry about paying for your Apps or Games.  We also recommend adding “Winterboard” as one of the sources in Cydia, this will allow you to place all of your downloaded customized themes here from Cydia so your downloads will stay organized in one place.
Source: safelyjailbreakiphone.com

Question About Jailbreak For Iphone 4.2.1

There is a jailbreak out now by using redsn0w but it is a tethered jailbreak which means you have to connect your device to a computer and run redsn0w everytime you have to reboot your device. The instructions with a video are here: www.idevicenews.co.uk/readmore-19.html Check this site for the latest updates on jailbreaking and unlocks. A new jailbreak/unlock is expected to be soon. It also gives you everything you need including jailbreaks, unlocks, installous, firmwares etc etc Hope that helps. Www.idevicenews.co.uk
Source: iphonesfan.com

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